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A little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone, well that’s what we think! Take a look round our confectionery store and see if you are not tempted, this could be a challenge as we have selected from only the finest confectioners from around Wales. Whether it is boxes of chocolates, cakes or sweets there hopefully is something that will put a smile on your face.

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Image: All Products in <em>Confectionery</em>

Did you know that the South American Indians used beans as currency, we don’t do this in Wales (as far as we know) but it isn’t a bad idea. Chocolate making in Wales has grown steadily over the years and we now have some of the best chocolates in the UK so please indulge your passion.


Image: All Products in <em>Confectionery</em>

In the past, the Welsh enjoyed traditional afternoon tea as a daily indulgence. Once a week, baking sessions of mammoth proportions would occur in most households to ensure that larders were constantly stocked. Bara Brith, also referred to as speckled bread, and Welsh Cakes were the most popular. We have done the baking for you so relax and enjoy.

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